​​CSR-MU series

​The MU series are microwave series devices that have been modified to combat wood pests. The devices were primarily built for domestic and private use. In our opinion, everyone is able to use such a device due to its simple operation. The detailed instructions for use will support you and if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you. These devices were designed to eliminate wood pests safely and biocide-free. Only the area to be treated must be cordoned off and secured during use so that no living being has the opportunity to enter it. It's like a light switch, as soon as the device is turned off, the "radiation" is off and the room can be entered and used completely safely. You don't have to cover anything or even clean anything out. Only the device needs to be positioned and operated correctly. Wood is a living building material that is constantly changing. By treating it with microwaves, its naturalness is preserved. Your wood also remains unchanged, which is not always the case with chemical treatment. We heat your wood at its core so that fungi, insects, bacteria or even microbes have no chance. Consequential damage or damage to health can be completely ruled out. Further technical information can be found in our Shop